After Math

Letting Math Influence You

March 14, 2023 Sarah Sun and Ifaz Kabir Season 2 Episode 1
After Math
Letting Math Influence You
Show Notes

Sometimes the best way to get into a community is to build your own. In this episode, co-hosts Sarah and Ifaz talk with Jenna Race about her struggles to find other people who think Math is cool and ending up on Math Twitter.

The conversation ranges from discovering college algebra, finding out about other math communities, arranging Pi Days at work and the dark sides of online life, all while dispelling myths about slide rules and log books.

Guest Jenna Race
Jennifer 'Jenna' Race is a future mathematician from White Bear Lake, MN. Her interest in math started early on but mental health and family issues interfered with her pursuing an education in math until her 30s. She currently studies at Century College as a first-generation nontraditional student. When she's not studying math or trying to change the world, she drinks coffee, eats Puerto Rican food, and watches Star Trek.

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